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No city dweller left behind!

Towards equality between residents and neighbourhoods in Helsinki.

The pandemic has forced campaigning to happen almost entirely virtually this time.

This has meant dreaming up new ways of reaching out to listen and discuss with city dwellers.

As part of these attempts, we have three multilingual and interactive discussion series on Instagram Live:


You are most welcome to join in ways that feel best to you. For the whole session or part of it, live or later, as a listener or active participant through the chat field!

Let’s Talk Helsinki!
Conversations with people from different life situations, both in Helsinki and elsewhere, to understand how we can build a city and society that works for everyone. We focus on voices that are rarely heard in mainstream media and politics!

Let’s Walk Helsinki!
Walks through different neighbourhoods in Helsinki with fellow candidates from the Left Alliance, to observe local challenges that often get ignored in the race to make the world’s most functional city. A bit of architecture and city planning, and a lot of how life in the city is from a local’s perspective!

Let’s Ask Arvind!
Informal discussions with Arvind on topics crucial for making a city that works for everyone, and not just the few. Some statistics about the city we call home, some ranting about how things are, and a lot of imagining a better future together!

Recording of previous events can be watched on IGTV:


Welcome on our collective journey towards a city for everyone.

Where we learn from each other, and create a better future for the many, and not just the few.


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Thanks in advance and looking forward to working with you!