Introduction to Finnish municipal elections

Reading list

The next municipal elections in Finland will be held in June 2021.

You do not need to be a Finnish citizen to vote:

Since most decisions affecting everyday life are made at the municipal level, it is important to vote for candidates and parties who will best represent your interests. This reading list might help you know more about Finnish municipal elections and politics.

Happy voting!

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Municipal elections in Finland in different languages

YLE Election compass to choose your candidate

City of Helsinki’s information page about elections and participating in other ways

The Left Alliance Party

The Left Alliance municipal election program

Helsinki Left Alliance’s municipal election themes

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Two-thirds of Helsinki city councillors live in the capital’s wealthier central neighbourhoods

Yle News asked several foreign-born candidates what they’ve enjoyed, what’s been hard, and what they might do differently

Some foreigners in Finland are finding they are not properly registered to vote thanks to an administrative mistake

2017 municipal election results roundup and tips on where to find information about the upcoming elections

How to become a candidate in the upcoming municipal elections?

Committees and other decision making bodies in Finnish municipal administration

Voting activity in Finnish municipal elections

Let Me Finnish podcast, which has episodes about elections in Finland