Let’s Bike Helsinki! 03

Pictures by @miremroue

After a lot of thought provoking wandering through the first two neighbourhoods in this series, Mire and I decided to recharge our batteries by heading for the oasis that is Puu-Käpylä.

Refreshing colours, beautiful textures, lush yards and quaint wooden houses built decades ago for working class families greeted us.

We had a great time feeling astonished around every corner by the sheer beauty of these charming places that have thankfully been preserved and cared for.

Every yard, terrace and carefully decorated windowsill gave us a hint of the people living there. And told us stories of change, of newer residents replacing older ones, of fancier cafes popping up to serve the new clients, with packaged cosiness and social media worthy charm.

The same time that we were grateful that a large part of these houses continue to be city rentals, meaning they remain affordable for many city dwellers, it was difficult not to wonder about the houses that are treasured and kept closely guarded by their owners.

Tucked away from the harsh city, slowly getting gentrified, welcoming more and more affluent residents as time passes.

Is this something the city can stop? Or is all change inevitable in a city?

Thank you dear viewers for joining us, as through these pictures and stories, Mire and I remind everyone that Helsinki is full of unique neighbourhoods. Each with their own character, and offering a unique life for those that call them home.

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